Hey there!

I’m Veronica Miller Jamison and I’ve been drawing and creating ever since I was little kid growing up in Pittsburgh. 

Making things is in my bones. Jewelry, crochet, sewing, and of course, drawing and painting — you name it, I’ve tried it.

With a master’s degree in Fashion from Drexel University, I’m a trained apparel designer (who, it turns out, doesn’t have the patience crucially needed for sewing). So I’ve combined my love for art-making and my obsession with trend, color and product to create prints and patterns for a variety of markets.

I work primarily in watercolor and inks. Vibrant, saturated colors are my favorite thing to play with. I like to experiment with creating textures and movement with brushstrokes.


Trend and product research, color stories, interesting shapes and movement are central to my work. I love creating prints and patterns - artwork that works great for home decor, fashion, gifts and more. Two of my print collections are currently held in the Pattern Observer Studio library.

This year, I have added "children's book illustrator" to my resume. My first book, A Computer Called Katherine, was published by Little, Brown and Company in March 2019.

I have a particular passion for teaching, and helping people embrace their creative side. I am the fashion illustration instructor at Made Institute in Philadelphia, and have been part of the adjunct faculty in the fashion design and merchandising department at Drexel University. My specialty is introducing adult learners and career-change students to fashion and the creative process.


a few of my favorite PROJECTS


Fellow Philadelphia fashion creative Alexandra Damiano is the founder of Damiano Collection, a line of beautiful, sustainable silk garments and accessories. This year we collaborated to create the Silk Body Wrap - a versatile 100% silk garment featuring my original hand-painted artwork. I created the Paris Rose print to highlight Damiano Collection’s feminine and romantic aesthetic.



I was commissioned by Shea Moisture to create this hair care-inspired coloring wall for their activation at BeautyCon LA in 2016. I created line drawings of various hair types and styles, multiple beauty tools (most of which I use myself) and Shea Moisture products to put together the design for this 20-foot-by-8-foot installation.



This is my first children’s book! I had the lovely opportunity to work the amazing people at Little, Brown and Company to create the artwork for “A Computer Called Katherine: How Katherine Johnson Helped Put America On The Moon,” written by Suzanne Slade. This was my first time taking on such a long-term project (we spent a year and a half on the art!), and it has been one of my most rewarding experiences as an illustrator thus far. I can’t wait to share it with you!



Enjoying a sunny New Orleans day in a gorgeous French Quarter courtyard.

Enjoying a sunny New Orleans day in a gorgeous French Quarter courtyard.


  • My first career was in broadcasting. I was a producer at NPR for seven years.

  • I have a master’s degree in Fashion Design. I totally geek out about fashion history and the way trends develop and evolve.

  • I wear jumpsuits more than anything else. They’re so easy! Throw one on, add a necklace plus your favorite shoes, and bam! Style in an instant.

  • I’ve lived in Boston, D.C. and now Philadelphia, and I’ve spent a lot of time in New York. I’m a total East Coast city girl. But my favorite place to visit is New Orleans.

  • Speaking of which, I really love beignets.

a langniappe

For me, fashion illustration is where my professional creative life began. So enjoy this time-lapse video of my live fashion painting!


If you want to learn more, or inquire about commissions or licensing, email me at illustration [at] veronicajamisonart.com. Looking forward to hearing from you!